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Plumbing 101

Responsibilities pile up when you own your own home. Systems that needs to be checked to ensure safety, comfort and livable life in your home. Each of these systems requires their set of procedural maintenance. The plumbing system is one of these systems that will need utmost attention and importance. Maintaining a good plumbing system is important making sure that it continues to work correctly and flow without problems. Thinking twice about your plumbing system is suicide, yes it may be a dirty job but let’s face it if something huge breaks in your plumbing system, you’ll have a plumbing emergency that will cost you even more than when it was small.

Things wear out as time passes by, and this is true for plumbing systems. But you can make its lifetime longer than before. With the correct and routine maintenance of your plumbing system, you can save a lot of money. A thorough leak detection inspection at regular intervals will ensure your safety of leaks. Every equipment and facilities should always check as tiny leaks can become huge and might be too late for you to notice. If there are leaks, fix it asap. Bigger the problem the costly its repair and services could be.

Water is a natural resource that can deplete over time. Conserving water can help the world and to yourself. Each time you conserve water, you save and lowering your water bill especially when the temperature rises this time of the year.

Detecting/Inspecting leaks.
When there are leaks in your plumbing fixture, water is wasted every second elapses and increasing your water bill by a huge margin. The first thing you need to do in conserving and lower your bill is to check for any leaks. Tracing all the pipes, checking out faucets, bathroom, and other places that are connected to the main pipeline. Inspecting and ensuring a proper inspection shall be done at regular intervals as to check for any problematic or broken pipes. If necessary, you should repair or replace these pipes with new ones. If you find yourself unable to fix the repairs on your own, you should look into having a local plumber, like a plumber in Little Rock, to fix the leaks or pipes for you.

Old toilets is a no-no.
Replacing old toilets will be your next target as it is one of the major factors why your bill skyrocketed. Replacing old toilets with high-efficiency ones could save you over lots of water per day!

Shorter showers = You Conserving Water.
When taking a bath, you should limit yourself to use one bucket full of water as you can conserve more than 12 gallons of water per day resulting in a lowered next billing phase.

The Importance Of Air Conditioning Repair And Upkeep

When summer rolls around, many people are turning on their central air conditioner for the first time. Unfortunately, many people also discover that their air conditioner is malfunctioning in some way. So not only can they not make use of their air conditioner on the day they need it, but they must also wait until an air conditioning repair person can finally make it to their house to fix it. And given the time of year, it could take days, or even more than a week, for a repair person to make it out to their house to fix the thing!

The problem can be made even more difficult by the fact that there was simply no need for it to have ever happened. If they’d planned ahead, and ensured proper air conditioning repair and upkeep, they could have rested easy in the knowledge that when the time came to turn the thing on, it would run properly without any problems. But how do you ensure proper upkeep of your air conditioner? Is there anything other than simply calling in a repair person and having them look over the thing?

Calling in a local repair man and having them look over the thing is a huge benefit, and you should do it at least twice a year. A skilled Katy heating and air specialist can take a look at the air conditioning unit, and ensure everything is connected, and no parts of it are starting to wear out. They can also check out the duct work in your house, and make sure the ducts are still clear and well connected. Those things alone can make a huge difference in how well your air conditioner runs.

But there are also personal upkeep things you can do, and should do for that matter. One thing many people forget to do, but you should make sure you’re doing it often, is replace the filter. The filter is there to catch all the excess dust and lint that floats through the air. It’s much like a the filter on a clothes dryer in that way. And just like a clothes dryer filter, you need to ensure it’s clean every so often. A lot of people put this off because, unlike the clothes dryer filter, you have actually to purchase a new filter every so often for your air conditioning unit. Not everyone wants to keep a few extra filters lying around for when it comes time to change them. However, if you don’t, you could wind up causing something to break in your air conditioner. Or even worse, you could wind up starting a fire.

You should also turn the air conditioner on for at least half an hour every month or so. Yes, even during the winter when you don’t want any cold air at all. Doing so makes sure that the unit is still functioning properly and also helps you catch any problems when they’re in their infancy. By catching these problems well in advance of when you need the air conditioner, you’ll be able to schedule a repair person long before the busy season. That will help you make sure that your air conditioning unit is functioning when the heat comes, and you need it desperately.

If your air conditioner is dripping water in some way, don’t just shrug and hope for the best. An air conditioning unit that’s leaking water might have a problem with the condenser, which is the part of the unit that cools the air. A condenser problem can ultimately result in the complete malfunction of an air conditioner. So if you see any water dripping, call a repair person immediately!

Ultimately, ensuring that your air conditioner is going to work when you need it to work is a matter of planning ahead and being willing to call a repair person at the drop of a hat. Never leave the need for a repair person alone. Never hope that a problem will sort itself out, or that it won’t turn out that bad. Your air conditioner is too important to leave that to chance!

How To Keep Kitchen Sink Unclogged

Part of home maintenance is making sure all of the systems of you home are operating properly, from the electrical to the plumbing. One of the many jobs for which you might need to call out a plumber is making sure your drain is kept unclogged. However, there are some quick and simple ways to keep your drain unclogged.

Here are four tips on keeping your drainage unclogged

1. Don’t Pour Oil Down The Sink

Pouring oil down the sink is one of the most common reasons why your sink drainage gets clogged up. When you pour oil down a sink, it cools down and solidifies. It can easily clog up your sink. Instead pouring it, keep a small tub nearby and discard the oil this way.

2. Keep Food From Going Down The Drain

Be careful when you are doing the dishes over the sink. Food may clog up the drain if not properly disposed. Keep a bin nearby where you can easily scrape off all the food before you wash the plates.

3. Using A Guard

One handy kitchen accessory you may want to consider is a sink strainer. It will stop food and other unwanted garbage from going down the sink. It is the most effective and simplest way to keep your drain clear.

4. Catching the Problem Quickly

When water starts to drain more slowly, something could be up with pipes. As soon as you notice this, pour boiling water down the sink hole. It can help free the hardened grease and oil in the sink. You may also do this regularly to prevent grease and oil from accumulating and building up.